Ninja gets his Own Skin in Fortnite

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has announced that he’ll be getting his own Fortnite skin as part of the new Fortnite Icon Series.

A fortnite leaker posted pictures of the skin minutes before the Announcement, one of them was named @FunGamesLeaks

The Ninja skin also comes with a Back bling and his own Pon Pon Emote, and different varients.
If I do say so myself if I even need to this skin is amazing, and I have the same opinion as Ninja. It is one of the best.

The skin willl be in the item shop tomorrow 1/17/2020 around 7pm Est I’m guessing.

The price of the skin is still unknown. I think it will be around 20 to 25$ but I hope it is a lot cheaper then that.


In a statement released by Epic Games they also stated that Content Creators LoserFruit and TheGrefg  , along with others in the gaming, music, and movie industries.

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