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  Instagram users have been praising Jazzy, calling it brave and beautiful. “You are truly inspirational girlfriend!” wrote one person. “Just goes to show that smiling and embracing what god gave you is all that matters! Love this!” Another added, “Great pic!!! Keep loving yourself and each other!!!!”      

Entertainment Weekly writes that Game of Thrones has set the largest number of people on fire in a production. However, Guinness World Records has never kept a record of immolated cast members. But Game of Thrones has something Guinness doesn’t have: the voice of experience, Rowley Irlam, aka Thrones’ stunt coordinator. “One sequence has 73 fire
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Tinychat . com Has been a staple in the online video chat community for years. As time goes on there has been more websites trying to emulate what tinychat has to offer.  A vast majority of people thought tinychat had given up on its user base and was wasting away. Well I’m here to let
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              A bee keeper trains his bees to make honey from cannabis A bee keeper trains his bees to make honey from cannabis! This could cure all of us 🙂 Credits For The News And Video:  The Veracity visit there FB Music: Nicolai Heidlas- “Morning Sun”

    Facebook reported $8.81 billion in revenue during its quarterly earnings on Wednesday, $8.63 billion of which was due to advertising. But, importantly, 84 percent of that ad revenue was thanks to mobile. Facebook’s mobile ad dominance may only increase. It got rid of desktop advertising platform FBX in May 2016 in order to
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Powerless is a cute, energetic vision of the DC Comics universe, an idea that would’ve been inconceivable just a few years ago. Instead of being restricted to using off-brand characters like Kick-Ass or , it’s a genre savvy superhero sitcom that exists in the same world as A-listers like Batman and the Joker. Vanessa Hudgens stars
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Guys, seriously, this shit is good. What you need: 8 slices white bread butter 2 avocados 4 eggs 100g grated cheddar cheese 100g mozzarella 16 slices bacon Directions: Cook the bacon until crispy and drain on kitchen paper. Fry the eggs until cooked but still runny. Slice the avocados thinly. Grate the cheese. Butter one side
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