Tater Tot Breakfast Pizza

Tater Tot Breakfast Pizza recipe with crispy potatoes, scrambled eggs, melted cheese, crispy bacon and sausage is a delicious breakfast or holiday brunch! 35 minutes Ingredients Gluten free ∙ Makes 8 slices Meat 3/4 cup Bacon, cooked 3/4 cup Sausage, cooked Produce 1 30 oz bag Tater tot crowns Refrigerated 6 Eggs Baking & Spices more

Game of Thrones to break the record for setting people on fire

Entertainment Weekly writes that Game of Thrones has set the largest number of people on fire in a production. However, Guinness World Records has never kept a record of immolated cast members. But Game of Thrones has something Guinness doesn’t have: the voice of experience, Rowley Irlam, aka Thrones’ stunt coordinator. “One sequence has 73 more