ConetentHog Is a content sharing network.

Our goal is to be a hub for great and meaningful content, but without limiting our user base.

For right now we are acting as article orientated content sharing network, but we have big plans for the future.

Contenthog.com was created in march of 2016.

By one man with the mission to bring together many, so they may have a meaningful experience.

If you would wish to contact the owner directly you may do so by email owner@contenthog.com

Wanna become apart of the team and the future of ContentHog It’s easy.

Simply Create an account from here.   http://contenthog.com/pr/wp-login.php

You can also Login with Facebook Through the same link.

What and How do you post?

A post should be something that will positively affect another users experience on or off the site.

It should have a picture or some form of visual aid and a meaningful description to go with it .

Here is a good tutorial everyone should watch before posting.

If you are viewing this page thank you from everyone apart of Content Hog.

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